Controversial God of War: Ascension Trophy Soon to be Relabelled

Last week a certain amount of controversy was generated due to a trophy in God of War: Ascension. While various reviews were being composed, some games journalists were shocked and offended by a Silver Trophy in the game entitled “Bros Before Hos”. Sony has subsequently confirmed that this Trophy will be renamed in an upcoming patch.

“We have created and will soon push out a patch for God of War: Ascension that alters the title of one of the game Trophies,” a statement from Sony Santa Monica reads. “The text was offensive to some members of our community and impacted their enjoyment of the game. We are endlessly committed to ensuring that our community can fully enjoy the experiences the team has created. As such, we’ve addressed the feedback and amended the Trophy in question.”

In the future the Trophy will be relabelled as “Bros Before Foes”, but will still be acquired by engaging in the same in-game event of beating a female boss to death.

Source: IGN

For the original article please vist Analog Addiction.

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