Ethan: Meteor Hunter Review

Can Ethan measure up to the likes of Speedy Gonzalez and the Rescuers, or is his debut adventure simply a Mickey-Mouse affair?

Ethan; Meteor Hunter Wallpaper 3

I believe it was Scottish poet Robert Burns who said, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often lead to mediocre Vita titles”. Granted, that might not be the exact quote, but in the case of Studio Seaven’s Ethan: Meteor Hunter, it does seem somewhat appropriate

Originally released last October for PC and PS3, the astronomical adventure stars the anthropomorphic rodent, Ethan, who acquires psychic abilities after a run-in with a glowing meteor. These powers allow him to freeze time and levitate objects using only his mind – an intriguing conceit that serves as the game’s primary mechanic.

With the exception of a stilted introductory cutscene that swiftly sets up our hero’s telekinesis and meteoric crusade, there is little story to be found here. Instead, the focus is placed squarely on gameplay – a blend of brutal twitch platforming and perplexing puzzle-solving. Unfortunately, due to persistent control issues and some confusing design choices, the resulting experience fails to excel in either area.

This is not to say that this side-scrolling squeak-’em-up is awful by any stretch of the imagination. It provides over fifty levels of solid puzzle-platforming, whose bite-sized stages are well-suited for playing on the go.

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