Prey 2: Are Bethesda Being Deceitful?

recent report alleged that Dishonored developer, Arkane Studios would be taking over production duties on the long delayed Prey 2; replacing Human Head Studios in order to salvage the project and finally bring it to release.

However according to Ex-Human Head developer Jason L Blair, publisher Bethesda haven’t been wholly truthful about the situation.

Prey 2 Wallpaper

The former narrative designer/writer for Prey 2 stated via Twitter that the recent rumours concerning Arkane Studios acquiring the development rights have given “new life to a lot of old lies.”

According to Jason, Human Head wrapped production on Prey 2, only to have Bethesda put the project on hold and refuse the release the finished game.

This is consistant with a report from Alien Noire, which suggets that Arkane are scrapping the current version and completely rebuilding it from scratch, employing the same game engine that was used for Dishonored.

“I’ve worked at/with @humanheadgames for years, including different stages of Prey 2 development. I was narrative designer/writer on Prey 2 for the last six months of its development at Human Head. It was a lot more than a demo. Prey 2 was a full game. And a crazy fun one. The team was small but you wouldn’t have known it. What happened to Prey 2, from where I sat, was political. And petty. And potentially litigable. Human Head had a great game. I was heartbroken when Prey 2 went into limbo. Human Head deserved to have that game released. Frankly, they needed it. As for Arkane, I’ve enjoyed what I played of Dishonored. They have the chops. If the rumor is true, they’ll likely do well with Prey 2. But I mourn that Prey 2 won’t belong to Human Head. I mourn that my friends won’t get recognition for what they accomplished.”

Whether Bethesda have been bending the truth or not, it looks like we won’t be getting our hands on Prey 2 for a LONG time – 2016 according to the latest rumours.

So what do you think? Would you rather the Human Head version of the game had been released as it was? Are you pleased Arkane have supposedly taken up the Prey 2 mantle? Or has the title simply been in development hell for too long to pique your interest at this point?

Let us know in the comments below and for everything Bethesda, Arkane and Prey 2 related, be sure to track down the details here at Analog Addiction.

Source: Gamepur

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